Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Introductions: Lindsay

Name: Lindsay

Age: 22

Topics of Interest: Politics (with anyone except my older bro), books (the reason why I have perpetual paper cuts), music, people, God, and the necessity of going barefoot.

Bio: I'm "Linz" to my familiars. I'm finishing up my bach this December in Creative Writing and Literature from Eastern Michigan University. I recently got a short fiction story published, and I find myself strangely addicted to the process, despite the fact that I'm still waiting to get paid. I'm poorer and hungrier than a church mouse (as I have no access to church tithe money and no matter how hungry I get I CANNOT bring myself to nibble on my books). But inexplicably, I still cannot bring myself to major in business, or marry rich. Strangely content, I find myself writing through life, spending my spare time in deep conversations with my older sisters/sister-in-law and friends, doing my best to get my strangely mature little sisters into trouble, arguing with my car (which I've named "M" after the classic, indomitable Bond character), teaching my three and one-year-old nephew and niece important phrases like "Aunt Lindsay is my favorite aunt", watching House or NCIS with my mom, or trying to remember where I last left my cell phone.

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