Monday, July 20, 2009

Introductions: Allison


Age: 25

Topics of Interest: Politics, health care, food, & fitness (hah)

I have survived my first year as a nurse, trekking on through my second year as a neurosurgical nurse. I am finding my way into the adult world of balancing life and work. I enjoy being with family, hanging with my friends, drinking large cups of coffee, running (love/hate relationship), loving on my little surrogate kids, and downing a good beer. I like following politics, commentaries, and talk radio. I always enjoy a good episode of The Office and 24. My musical interests vary from American standards to pop, folk, rap, and good soundtrack music!!


  1. So if you like the office, you'll enjoy this clip I stumbled across. It's the first clip on the page:

  2. I love this clip! Probably my favorite Office moment. :)